ShakingSats Rewards

ShakingSats Rewards are available to Shakepay users who participate in the Shakepay Referral Program. In order to get a ShakingSats Reward, you must have downloaded the Shakepay mobile app onto your Apple iOS or Android device and complete the First Referral Criteria as described in our Terms of Use. You must then open the Shakepay app and “shake” your device in order to be eligible for a ShakingSats Reward. A message will pop up in the app when you have successfully earned the Reward.

Rewards are given once per calendar day and distributed in the following manner. On the first day, you will be on Streak Day 1, and you will earn the Day 1 Reward listed below when you shake your device. If you “shake” again on the next calendar day, you will be rewarded with the Day 2 reward. Streak are defined as the consecutive preceding calendar day the user has been given a ShakingSats Reward. For example, if a user earned their first ShakingSats Reward on the previous calendar day and “shook” their phone today they would be on Streak Day 2 and would earn the Streak Day 2 ShakingSats Reward, as listed below. If you fail to shake your device on any calendar day, the streak ends and you shall revert to Streak Day 1 the next time you shake your device.

Rewards on Streak

Streak day

Rewards in satoshis

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10 or above


Rewards are subject to change at anytime at the discretion of Shakepay.